Synbiotics in allergy management

Chair and Host:

Dr. Rosan Meyer
Paediatric Dietitian Honorary Senior Lecturer, Imperial College, London UK - Visiting Professor KU Leuven, Belgium.

Webinar Objectives:

The third webinar in our Practical Paediatrics series will bring to you exclusive content as scheduled for the World Congress WCPGHAN 2020 and explore the use of Synbiotics in Allergy Management. Join us as allergy and immunology experts explore:

  • What factors are associated with an imbalance in the Gastrointestinal (GI) microbiota (dysbiosis) in infancy;
  • Short and medium term health outcomes associated with this GI microbiota dysbiosis in infancy; and
  • The potential impact of GI microbiota modulation with synbiotics with respect to clinical outcomes of infections and medication use in Cow’s Milk Allergic infants.

The format for this webinar is two individual presentations followed by live Q&A sessions with both speakers.

Bekijk de video.